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Our Vision

Our inventive learning method is crafted to ignite excitement and foster a strong drive for learning in each budding designer who becomes part of our community. At KidsFolio, we foster a culture of collaboration, encouraging our students to come together as a creative team. We aim to guarantee that every child acquires essential art-stem skills and cultivates a distinctive and innovative ability that can be applied to academic pursuits and personal development. We are dedicated to ensuring that every child experiences joy and delight throughout their creative journey with us.

Welcome to our Creative Planet!

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Rigouros, Fun 

Learning is Fun!

Our student-led, teacher-directed activities encourage children to work and share concepts during activities in a group setting.

Children participate in lesson-centered conversations during activities. Open dialogue between peers leads to deeper understanding, more robust vocabulary, and self-confidence. Students are encouraged to take risks, solve problems amongst themselves, and support each other. Our activities strengthen social skills.

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Our Teaching Approach: Learner-Centered 

Children love creating and expressing themselves artistically. We believe that early on, teaching academic disciplines through art gets children excited about learning and communicating.


Learning is fun! We excite children about learning, inspire, and motivate them.

We involve children in their education, encourage them to learn at their own pace, and help them develop problem-solving and social skills. Students communicate freely and work in a team setting. Our educators create a welcoming environment where children feel empowered, take risks, and embrace challenges because they are supported and nurtured.  As a result, we are strengthening a child's confidence and independence.

KidsFolio’s teaching approach focuses on a  Learner-Centered Pedagogical style that places students at the center of the teaching-learning process. Our teaching focuses on five elements integrated during instruction to help students develop and strengthen problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision-making, leadership, entrepreneurship, and social skills. 

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Open communication during learning creates a more robust understanding and develops problem-solving and 

critical thinking skills.

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Our students work on activities in a group setting and solve problems as a team to enhance learning through  100% peer support.

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Our activities encourage creativity in the classroom in real life. We use age-appropriate lessons and materials that support language, math, and science.

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Our students develop analytical skills, where they discuss and think about the process of, what they learned and why in a group discussion. 

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Our students actively engage in learning, have open dialogue during activities, and are encouraged to explore their natural curiosities. 

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Art - STEM Infused Curriculum

KidsFolio Art's integration approach to teaching allows students to
own their learning and build a vested interest in their success. We build Critical Thinking Skills where Students construct personal meaning through arts integration. They develop problem-solving skills and the ability to innovate and build grit and perseverance. Through art integration, content standards are taught and assessed equitably in and through the arts. 

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