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A creative learning center that develops language, math, and science proficiency through the use of the arts.

Our programs encourage self-expression through art. Our hands-on activities teach children to explore their creativity, while incorporating language, math, and science lessons into their creations. 

Inspiring Creative Learning

Allowing children to be curious and creative explorers promotes the development of their cognitive abilities. KidsFolio's creative expression approach to learning teaches children to think critically about their world, practice visual communication and supports math, language, vocabulary, and literacy development. 



We offer enrichment art classes that teach creativity, self-expression, and promote self-esteem, infused with language, math, and science lessons. 

Cross-Curricular Teaching

In our classes, we teach children to put all five senses to work in our class. We create a connection between all subjects through a common theme, giving kids an opportunity to learn multiple subjects without even realizing it.


Do you have a little yogi in your family?

If you’re looking for something new to entertain the kids, KidsFolio offers fun yoga classes. Yoga has a wealth of benefits for both mental and physical health.