Our Story

Inspiring Creative Learning

At KidsFolio, we strive to cultivate children's excitement, choice, critical thinking, and empowerment. We encourage curiosity and imagination and guide children to develop their artistic skills. KidsFolio's philosophy is to teach children to find their inner creative voice through visual self-expression while developing an everlasting art portfolio that they can apply to their academia and profession. KidsFolio is a welcoming, creative art planet shaped by a child's creativity.

Founded in 2021 by Jowa Alfano, and Alyssa Baez, our learner-centered pedagogical approach motivates children to self-exploration and be active participants in their learning process while exploring and feeling nurtured in our environment. At KidsFolio, we inspire, motivate, and create a unique, joyous artistic learning experience for each child.

What Sets Us Apart


Inclusion Programs

Our teachers are experienced in working with all types of learners.  


Art Immersion Program

We offer an art-centered curriculum that develops critical thinking, problem-solving and social skills.


Social Skills

Our activities promote collaborative work and focus on social interactions and peer support.